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The ADHD Coaching Company
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Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D., MFT

19528 Ventura Blvd., Suite 639
Tarzana, CA 91356

(818) 343 - 1341

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  Our ADHD Coaching has benefited individuals, couples, families, and businesses. We often work with adults who are creative professionals or entrepreneurs. By identifying their positive ADHD characteristics and strengths our clients turn liabilities into assets, improving their performance and living more effective and satisfying lives.

If ADHD is impacting your life or the life of someone you love, there is something you can do right now... contact us.
Additional Information About Our Services:    
ADHD 101 & Life Skills for ADHD - If you’re looking for answers due to recent diagnosis, or wanting to improve your life, an accurate and thorough ADHD education is critical. Our clients leverage our knowledge and experience to get what they want faster. Working together we develop the skills you need such as: communication skills, attentional skills (focus, transitioning), time and money management, organization and positive procrastination. Whether you need support choosing your team of service providers, accepting your diagnosis, identifying your strengths/challenges, grieving lost opportunities or creating a successful life, we are here to help you maximize your results.   Relationships – Life is all about relationships: intimate, passionate, vibrant. Impacted by ADHD, many couples share an empty, lonely, juiceless existence. Our Living Lab Approach™ provides our clients with proven methods to clear the wreckage (hurts and resentments) of the past. Working together we identify the real problems (not symptoms) and apply real solutions (not band-aids). Accept personal responsibility and accountability with your partner (ADHD or non-ADHD) to have “What you say you want”. Desired results can include increased intimacy, satisfying sex, and a loving connection.
Women – Women with ADHD have unique needs and challenges, often receiving incomplete diagnoses (anxiety, depression, addictions…). After receiving the correct diagnosis and education about ADHD, my clients can put their lives into perspective. As a successful professional woman with ADHD and the author of “Sexuality and Women with ADHD,” I am uniquely qualified to guide my clients to break free of their past. Together we create structures and systems to successfully manage their life: juggling family and career, raising children, going to school, volunteer work, weight and food obsessions and a satisfying marriage or partnership.   Career Transition – “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” (C. Sandburg) In the face of a lifetime of discouragement, failures and negative beliefs, adults with ADHD often feel “it just can’t happen for them.” ADHD adults frequently can’t determine or successfully pursue their career choices. We pay attention to what our clients miss about themselves. It’s in teasing out their “no big deal” talents and achievements, that our clients very often discover their new career. Or, the skills they need to successfully pursue it or “what they knew and just couldn’t do.”
Addiction Recovery – whether the symptom is food, sex, alcohol, drugs or money, effectively managing your ADHD and recovery at the same time is essential. We support our clients in discovering the real problem(s) that drive their addiction(s). Then we work together to apply real solution(s) to the problem(s) that drive their addiction(s). We have presented our approach locally and nationally on “ADHD and Disordered Eating” and on “Addiction Recovery and ADHD.”   Creative Professionals and Entrepreneurs – The impact of ADHD can seriously limit your success. Our clients want to be creative and profitable and don’t know how. Together we create ADHD friendly structures and strategies to address: procrastination, organization, time management and key deadlines, distractions, decision-making, prioritization, follow through, transitioning from task to task, money management and marketing.
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