Photos - 01503The ADHD Coaching Company’s unique “Living Lab Approach™, distinguishes it from traditional coaching or psychotherapy.

Partnering with you in your daily life to achieve extraordinary results is paramount, whether that is:

  • embracing a new ADHD diagnosis
  • understanding and leveraging your strengths
  • bypassing or resolving your weaknesses
  • sorting out the challenges in your relationships
  • improving your communication
  • effectively managing your financial life
  • navigating a career transition
  • resolving codependent behavior patterns
  • teaching you new life skills to make changes
  • addressing unique needs as a woman with ADHD

​The strengths-based approach of Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D. (Dr. B) in coaching, therapy, research and presentations brings you the latest ADHD advances, focused on your success.  She contributes to the ADHD community, locally and nationally, through speaking, writing and volunteer work.

Dr. B’s ADHD Coaching has benefited individuals, couples, families, and businesses.  She often works with adults who are creative professionals or entrepreneurs. By identifying their positive ADHD characteristics and strengths her clients turn liabilities into assets, improve their performance and live more effective, satisfying lives.

If ADHD is impacting your life or the life of someone you love, there is something you can do right now – contact Dr. B.

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